Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock, located approximately 10km east of Surin Islands and 100 km NNE of the Similan islands, is one of Thailand’s most renowned dive sites. At low tide, its pitted top can be seen just above sea level; however with high tides it submerges completely. Beneath the surface lies a horseshoe shaped composition featuring numerous rocks pinnacles caves and overhangs – dipping profusely from north to west sides while south side slopes gently within the ‘interior’ arc . An exhilarating experience awaits divers as they plunge into depths ranging from 20-28 meters (with 35 metres maximum).

Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is a top dive destination that showcases the immense beauty of underwater life.

Richelieu Rock spans over an extensive area, with powerful currents featuring soft coral formations – perfect for divers to explore! Liveaboard cruises lasting 4 nights or longer are ideal for getting the most out of this incredible location; alternatively, we offer 3-day/2-night and day trip options from Khao Lak during peak season if time constraints necessitate.

Richelieu Rock is an aquatic paradise, boasting a stunning array of marine life. Its prime location between the Surin Islands and mainland provides this large rocky pinnacle with shelter that has allowed it to flourish as a natural home for some incredible sea creatures. Photographers should bring their gear – from seahorses to frogfish, harlequin shrimp to tomato clownfish – Richelieu drowns in captivating critters! And if you’re lucky enough… keep your eyes peeled because rare whale sharks may glide by alongside majestic manta rays.

Richelieu Rock is a powerhouse of marine life, renowned as one of the best dive sites in Asia – and it’s on most Thailand liveaboards’ travel route! Those lucky enough to venture out can expect some truly magical underwater encounters; although whale shark sightings are not guaranteed, they make appearances now and again. For those wanting more reliable exploration opportunities with Richelieu, there are occasional day trips from Khao Lak available too!

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